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In 1939, The Wizard of Oz   premiered and introduced the amazing journey and adventure of a teenage girl in the Land of Oz found somewhere over the rainbow. This story and movie helped develop imagination and creativity in the minds of generations of young children in America and around the world. Amazingly, The Wizard of Oz  was also a story depicting the qualities of great leaders:  vision, mentor, problem-solving, collaboration, data mastery, brain, heart, courage, inspiration, relationships, teamwork, and home.

After almost a century, these same leadership qualities are supported and strengthened by leadership research and literature.If recognized and developed, the Wizard of Oz   Leadership qualities would help many educational leaders reach the pinnacle of greatness. More importantly, great school leadership would help all educators and students achieve maximum success in our schools because, after all, everyone’s “heart’s desire” can be found right in their “own (school)    . . . yard.”