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MAURICE BOURGEOIS: John Millington Synge and The Irish Theatre (second edition) Constable & Company LTD: London. Press, 1913.Pp.xix,337


John Millington Synge and The Irish Theatre by Maurice Bourgeois is a book dealing with the life and works of Synge within the framework of Irish history and theatrical background. This work is most likely to appeal especially to the students in their research or to the ones who are interested in Irish Literature. The author explores not only Synge‚Äôs life beginning from his childhood to his death but also his plays overall in seven parts. In this book one of the main concerns of the writer is to present some facts which have not come to light about Synge and  to set the   circumstances in which he created  his works, by giving some samples of experiences from his life besides the Irish Theatre of the time.