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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Digital Disruption under the Covid- 19 Situation: Impact on Thai Education Management


Digital Disruption is a change that brings a more efficient approach. Let's destroy the existing pattern. This is a result of the rapidly evolving digital technology. Coupled with the arrival of enormous resources that can be accessed by internet communication that is connected all over the world. Causing the world to change in all aspects unpredictably Thailand's education even if Covid-19 As an accelerator, the education system needs to be completely changed. by using lessons from the international community to adapt to the context The learning management model of educational institutions used in the Covid - 19 situation during the semester's opening period were classroom learning management (on -site) , learning management via television (on -air), learning management. Through online (Online) teach management by home visit (On hand) the management style will vary depending on the area and risk of infection. And for online learning management there are different platforms to use.

Positive effects on learning management were found. Educational institutions have adjusted their plans and goals in educational management. The Internet network system has been improved to be of higher quality. New learning management styles and technologies are being used, and new assessment methods are being used more and more. Executives develop themselves to have knowledge and management skills. Teachers learn and develop more technology skills. And teachers change the way of teaching appropriate measurement methods Students spend more time with their families. Students can reduce the time, risk and cost of commuting to school. As for the negative effects, it was found that the internet network and communication are insufficient and the signal is unstable. Most educational institutions do not receive budget support from their respective agencies. The quality of teacher learning management declined. Teachers are concerned about the new learning arrangements. And students' academic achievement will decline. Students receive less practice skills and are unable to do study activities with their peers. And lost the opportunity to learn from real practice and parents have to pay for the provision of materials, equipment, technology and the Internet for learning.