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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Monuments and their Consequence on Culture & Scholarship


All monuments have a dynamic and complex relationship with time, place, culture, and scholarship. The root of monument architecture, and the earliest known human made structure, are the pre-history megaliths located along the coastlines of France and England. This paper traces back a 100-year historical thread of text and drawings made on megaliths by explorers and scholars such as LT S P Oliver (1879), Edgerton (1944), Hawkins (1966), and Service & Bradbery (1979). Recent scholar on megaliths constructs our "modern" understanding of these mysterious stones. The central framework for this paper positions monuments as "metaphorical mirrors of cultureā€, with each megalith scholar informs the next and builds upon a "story," searching for an explanation as to why these stone monuments remain with consequences on culture and scholarship.