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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
The Reception of Ancient Drama Values by the modern audience: “Seven against Thebes’’- Audience Research


This research aimed to examine not the dramatic text itself and the values and messages originated from it, but its rendition on stage as a composition of the artistic spectacle that is the performance, and therefore the spectator’s reception of the transcribed values and messages conveyed by the stage rendition.

The dramatic text indeed acquires meaning as a sight, not as a reading. Several creative and sociological criteria, as well as variables of other nature, such as directing, acting, scenography, music, visual framing, stage space, and time, must be considered for this to occur. These elements influence the way that the message is delivered to the audience. As a result, if we wish to examine the Past of Values in Ancient Greek Drama and Theater, we should consider both the values enshrined in the texts and how the spectator receives and perceives them.