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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Narratives of Stratification: Complications of Girl Child Education in Lola Akande's What It Takes and Abi Dare's the Girl with the Louding Voice


The body of literature that interrogates the various systemic dimensions of gender inequity and oppression is unarguably large, with many scholars’ intellectually stimulating accounts of how the females have been carefully marginalized, oppressed and eventually subjugated. Even when these works are protruding, there has been a paucity of works that examines the narratives of stratification that are used by the different patriarchal societies to sustain this culture of inequity. Consequently, this work has the mandate to consider this, specifically. Using the feminist theory, it is gathered that in other for many institutions of patriarchy to continue its dominance, there have been different narratives that are used to aid their provincial agenda. These narratives are powerful to the extent that once adopted, they become potent in the hands of everyone, including the female themselves, and the resultant consequence is that they are left to permanently occupy second-class positions in their societies and this has various negative outcomes on them. The study therefore concludes that there is the need to reconsider these narratives so that females that attain a level of freedom that they actually deserve and that they can live with their integrity undenied.