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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
The Rights of Persons with Disabilities to Work: Challenges & Solutions


The issue of the right of persons with disabilities (PWD) to work through working age is guaranteed by law. As as a result, targeted measures, programs, and projects aimed at setting quotas for businesses, encouraging the self-employment of PWD, and rewarding employers have been implemented for some time in Mongolia. Implementation has been poor and this has led to violations of the rights of PWD to work. The main factors contributing to this are the lack of coordination, reconciliation, and management practices between line ministries ensur the implementation of the law and the public administration bodies that coordinate their activities. Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish a coherent system to ensure the rights of PWDs to work in Mongolia, to implement better management methods, and to improve the effectiveness of ongoing activity. One of the decisive actions to address this is to study the regulatory mechanisms of developed countries and to practice advanced methods and technologies suitable for the conditions of Mongolia through benchmarking. In this article, we aim to develop recommendations for policymakers and implementers on how to create effective and equitable employment and work opportunities for PWDs. This involves the use of primary and secondary sources to provide meaningful answers through an evidence-based study. Survey data has been collected from relevant public administration employees and representatives of PWDs who are currently employed or wish to work, questionnaires, and interviews. The organizational system is compared with other countries, and the logical sequence of activities is analyzed. According to the survey results, the provisions of the legal documents for PWDs are not specified, other related legal documents are unconsolidated. There is no integrated database, and insufficient access to employment and career counseling services. Social psychology is not ready. It is concluded that the coordination and organizational backwardness of state organizations have a negative impact on the employment of PWDs. Accordingly, their rights are being violated.