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Securitization of Migration in Hungary and the Case of Endless State of Crisis Due to Mass Migration



As a response to the migration crisis, Hungarian Government has chosen to securitize the issue of migration and asylum in Hungary and in the European Union as well.i ii  

The paper aims to give an overview of the concept of securitization, and the normative critique of it, analyzing not only the securitizing actor and its speech, but its structural power and the dissenting voices as well. It examines, by the analysis of the relevant legal acts and secondary sources, the extraordinary measures introduced by the Hungarian Government paying a special attention to the state of crisis due to mass migration which is basically a type of special legal order, and which raises several questions and concerns at the same time.

The paper comes to the conclusion that the Hungarian Government has been securitizing migration successfully through consequent communication and extraordinary measures. On one hand, it created migration as one of the biggest security threats and on the other hand government’s migration policy as one of the most successful policies precepted in Hungary according to the public opinion polls. The other conclusion is that a central role is devoted to the misuse of a sort of special legal order, namely the state of crisis due to mass migration.